Ten Things Guaranteed in the Finals

Vancouver`s famous Green MenThe Stanley Cup Final has started, and in the spirit of this, I present a list of ten things guaranteed to happen in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals:

1.  Both teams will ask God for help.  It is unknown to this day if God favors any NHL team.

2.  The loser of the series will blame God for the loss.

3.  One team will cough up a two goal lead.

4.  Guaranteed Toronto Maple Leafs fans will find a way to interject their opinion in a series that has nothing to do with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

5.  One team will lose.

6.  Gary Bettman will be booed no matter what ice surface he steps on.

7.  Tim Thomas will make one of those saves that makes your own spine crackle at the thought of trying to twist that way.

8.  Roberto Luongo will allow a soft goal (he always does).

9.  The green men will become pop icons in a sport that desperately needs pop icons.  C`mon NHL, lighten up.

10.  One game will no doubt go into overtime.  Tim Thomas will cause Vancouver shooters to have nightmares.


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