About the Author

The AuthorJustin Halbersma has been writing for various local newspapers for fifteen years.  His articles have covered all levels of sports, including international hockey.  Justin started writing in 1994 for the Berwick Register, and has never stopped until 2009.  He has covered NHL exhibition games, baseball, basketball, and soccer.  Hockey remains his first love.  His most memorable experiences include the four high school provincial finals, in which he won two gold and two silver medals as part of the Central Kings Gators hockey team.

Justin is a member of the Berwick Sports Hall of Fame in Nova Scotia.  He currently resides in Vaughan, Ontario with two roommates and his cat.

Justin has held the title of medical trainer/statistician for the Midget AAA team, the Valley Wildcats.  He was also a soccer coach for the Kings West soccer club.  In his first season as coach, he helped lead the Kings West Under-16 girls soccer team to a gold medal in the New Minas Invitational tournament, held in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

His favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), Toronto Blue Jays (MLB), Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), and Toronto FC (MLS).

Justin has enjoyed success in almost every level of sports he has been involved with.  His blogs have proved to be humorous yet insightful, blending a mix of sarcasm and passion to make his points.

–biography written by Emily Kiezebrink


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